Immersive Yoga Training

with Nancy Daniels, Ali Nohinek, and Dr Tiffany Denny

“Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic self-hood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who we ought to be. As we do so, we will not only find the joy that every human being seeks--we will also find our path of authentic service in the world.” 
Parker Palmer

The 3 Rings Immersive Yoga Training is a year-long experience, encompassing both rich, personal yoga practice, and optionally, the education, skill-building, and artistry and necessary to share this discipline with others. Our program is unique in its depth — spanning sixteen months and 300 hours of study, the training balances the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of study and practice, and emphasizes the development of both the skill and artistry necessary for an effective yoga teacher.

Ali, Tiffany, and Nancy altogether represent over 40 years of yoga teaching experience, and because their paths and teaching styles are quite different, their collaboration produces a rich and inclusive atmosphere.

At the close of the Three Rings training, not only will you have a new inspiring, close-knit community, your dedication to the practice of yoga and to the practice of teaching yoga will produce a new understanding of yourself and the world around you. You will have a strong foundation of knowledge and experience on which to build your offerings, and you will learn practical skills in the business of yoga so that you can successfully share your passion.



Develop a well-rounded foundation in the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of personal yoga practice, and with the option to learn and practice the skills and artistry necessary to share safe and effective yoga with others. Our program totals at least 300 hours of study, and you are eligible to register at the RYT-200 level with Yoga Alliance at its completion.



Trainings consist of two, 6-month semesters, totaling 12 Sat-Sun sessions over a year-long program, plus four months worth of personal mentorship and teaching experiences for those that choose to teach. Semester one focuses on education and personal practice, and can be taken with or without the second semester, focused on elements of teaching. Our next training begins April 27, 2019!

3 Rings Yoga Teacher training curriculum & Schedule

DSC05155 (2).jpg

Semester 1 -- Mind, body, and spirit yoga immersion

Weekend Dates & times

Each Weekend:
Saturday 8a-6p
Sunday 8a-5p
Video Calls twice per month

Weekend 1
Weekend 2
Weekend 3
Weekend 4
Weekend 5
Weekend 6
**Please note that Semester 1 of this training may be taken on its own as a yoga practice and lifestyle immersion

Semester 2 -- the art and skill of teaching yoga

Weekend 7
Weekend 8
Weekend 9
Weekend 10
Weekend 11
Weekend 12
**Those that wish to be certified to teach yoga will further receive a 4-month, one-on-one mentorship program with one of our trainers

program Elements

- Intro to Sanskrit and Mantra
- Intro to Ayurveda
- Pranayama & Meditation
- Chakra Studies
- Practice of Diverse Yoga Styles

Philosophy, Practice, Lifestyle, and Ethics
- History of Yoga
- Lessons in Philosophy
- Yoga Sutras and Related Texts
- Intersectionality, Advocacy, Service
- Foundations in Asana

- Biomechanics
- Foundational Actions
- Applications in Asana


Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics
- Nervous System
- Physiology and Biomechanics of Breath

- Bones, Joints, and Connective Tissues

- Teaching Special Populations
- Basics of Trauma-informed Teaching
- Business of Yoga
- Practicum and One-on-One Mentorship

Teaching Methodology
- Cueing and Language
- Asana Sequencing
- Class Theming
- Sound and Silence


Meet Your Instructors

3Rings Yoga Teacher Training is led be three experienced, passionate, and unique yoga instructors, each with their own unique skills and interests. Their teaching styles are different from one another, offering variety in teachings and a wealth of knowledge to offer students. Additionally, teacher training students will have the opportunity to be mentored by the teacher with whom they feel most strongly connected, adding another layer of quality and support to trainees. 


Dr. Tiffany denny

Tiffany is a physical therapist and yoga teacher with over 13 years of teaching experience. Her passion is weaving anatomy and movement science into mindful, creative, class sequences, and she loves to help people develop a deeper understanding of physical and energetic anatomy, and to promote quality teaching and facilitation skills. 


NAncy daniels

Nancy has been practicing Yoga for over 40 years and has learned from gurus in India, monks in Asia and from many western Yoga masters. She has taught a variety of styles over the past 20 years and strives to share a practice that transcends the physical. Nancy has a passion for sharing the history, philosophy, and belief systems of the east.


ali Nohinek

Ali has well over 10,000 hours of experience teaching yoga and has been leading advanced studies and teacher training programs since 2014. Ali finds joy in taking her practice of yoga off the mat and into every facet of her life. Ali is passionate about ayurveda, mantra, biomechanics, minimalism and conscious living.