Accessible Yoga Anatomy

Tiffany leads a 50-hour yoga anatomy certification, and is available to teach anatomy, asana, and/or sequencing components of your 200-hour or 300-hour yoga teacher training. 

Yoga anatomy teachings should be relevant to the landscape of modern yoga, and useful in the context of teaching and practicing both at an individual level and in public, group classes. Tiffany is skilled at teaching clear anatomy as it relates to yoga practice. She includes not only anatomy in asana, but also the anatomy of breath and the nervous system, which are essential components of yoga practice and must be included in comprehensive yoga anatomy. 



**Training format and schedule can be adapted depending on the needs of the client, and up to 15 hours of the training may be accomplished through an online video conference platform. What follows are examples of completely in-person training hours**

Two Weekend Modules

  • Thursday 4 hours
  • Friday 7 hours
  • Sat 8 hours
  • Sun 6 hours

Three Weekend Modules

  • Friday 3 hours
  • Saturday 8 hours
  • Sun 6 hours

Week-long Intensive

  • Thurs - Friday:  8 hours each
  • Sat - Sun:  9 hours each
  • Mon - Tues:  8 hours each

topical overview

Systems Anatomy and Yoga 

  • Highlights the Nervous System
  • Applications in Asana (self-soft tissue mobilization, restorative yoga, cross-brain exercise) 

Anatomy and Foundations of Breath

Bones, Joints, and Fascia

Muscle Performance and Biomechanics

Movement Mechanics 

  • Trunk/Core/Posture
  • Sacrum/Pelvis/Lower Extremities
  • Neck and Upper Extremities

Applications in Asana

  • Standing poses
  • Revolved poses and forward bends
  • Arm balancing/inversions
  • Side bends and backbends
  • Sequencing of Asana
  • Basic Therapeutic Applications