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The Science of Serenity Webinar


Friday, May 17
1-3:00p CST via Zoom Conference Call
*Call will be recorded and sent to everyone, so you do not have to view it live*
Investment: $50

**If you are an RYT, this course will provide you with continuing education hours**

There is a lot of stimulation in the world around us — sights, sounds, smells, energies — which can overwhelm our nervous system and make it feel impossible to stay emotionally steady and balanced. In fact, attempting to be calm and project serenity all the time is likely to make matters worse, and as much as we would all like to carve out hours of alone time in neat little empty spaces each day, reality might dictate that this is impossible.

I submit that knowledge and awareness is the first step toward cultivating an agile nervous system, capable of experiencing energetic and emotional shifts without spiraling into a state of fight, flight, or freeze. This workshop will offer information about how the nervous system, specifically the vagus nerve, participates in our emotional, behavioral, and physical experiences, and will provide specific practices for working with this system to develop greater resiliency in the face of the noise and demands life throws at us.

This system affects several aspects our lives and health greatly — mental health, pain experience, relationships, sex, energy levels, digestion, the immune system, and more. Learn why, and how to offer yourself useful coping skills and tools for building resiliency in your system so that you experience a sense of equanimity and serenity more consistently in your life.