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Soothing the Psoas

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Date: June 30, 2019
Time: 11:30a-1:30p
Location: Blue Morpho Yoga, Fort Worth, TX
Investment: $50

Do you have issues with your low back, sacroiliac joint, hips, or gut, identify as having “tight hip flexors,” or have you been told your psoas is irritated or injured?

Are you a yoga practitioner or teacher interested in safe and effective practice?

Do you just want to know what the heck a psoas is and why people keep talking about it?

Then please come to my workshop where we will really dig into this topic!

We will explore the anatomy of the psoas and related structures both intellectually through visual aid, lecture, and demonstration, as well as practically. Learn how the iliopsoas functions during movement, stretching, strengthening, and core stabilization activities, plus therapeutic techniques to ease irritation and improve the health of this important structure, and tips to practice asana in a way that allows your psoas to function safely and optimally.

*Yoga teachers may earn CEUs for this workshop