Mentorship is a great opportunity to receive support in your efforts to up-level your teaching. This program is ideal whether you are a new teacher and want increased facility and confidence with your sequencing and teaching skills, or a seasoned teacher hoping to develop a particular curriculum, or expand your knowledge of yoga anatomy and therapeutics in group and/or private sessions. The mentorship program is tailored specifically to your needs and goals.
Please contact Tiffany with questions.


Create Your Own Mentorship Program 

Online or in-person mentorship, tailored completely to your timeline and your needs. Contact Tiffany for more info and to describe your mentorship goals.

12-Week Mentorship Program 

*This program can be completely adapted to online format if you are not local but would like to study with Tiffany


Program Includes:
- Planning/goal-setting session via video chat to ensure program is a good fit ($50, 40 min)
- One programming session each month (60 min)
- One private yoga session per month (60 min)
- Two check-in calls each month (30 min)
- Observe/Assist Tiffany or another approved teacher 2x/month
- Tiffany will observe your teaching once per month
- Reading/Writing/Practice assignments each month

- $50 initially for planning session to ensure program is a good fit (applied to tuition)
- $1200 including planning session fee (payment options available)

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